Rules & Policies

At Grand Blanc Gymnastics Co. (“GBGC”) our goal is to provide activities your children will love.  We strive to improve the lives of our students by building relationships, improving confidence and teaching healthy habits through gymnastics-based programs.  We want all participants to have FUN while participating in a safe and positive setting with fully-trained coaches.  The experience shall be worthwhile, safe, motivating and long-lasting.  If at any time a question or concern arises, please feel free to approach your child’s coach or a program manager.


In order to maintain our goals, we have a few simple rules that must be followed:


  • Registration for session and monthly/competitive classes is rolling and continuous. Tuition must be paid in full via check, cash or money order PRIOR to the first class of each term otherwise credit card payment with convenience fee will process for any balances between the 5th and 7th day of the new session or month.
  • A completed registration/release form must be on file before a student is allowed to participate. Be prepared to complete the form with emergency contact, medical and insurance information.
  • FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! First time students may receive a full refund at any time prior to the third class meeting.  Beyond the third meeting for new students and for the entire session for existing students, tuition is non-refundable.
  • GENEROUS DISCOUNTS! Family and multiple class discounts are available. 2 students/classes = 10% off of tuition, 3 students/classes = 15% off of tuition, 4 or more students/classes = 20% off tuition
  • Students may enroll at any time provided space is available. The session will be pro-rated based on the remaining weeks for those joining mid-session.  Missed classes from that point forward may be made up if space allows but are non-refundable.
  • Registration prepayment for the next session will take place during the last two weeks of the current session.  Each session will have a designated week to request class changes. Notification will be given in advance.  Some class changes require office authorization.
  • A hand delivered “time off” form to our front desk is the only acceptable form of communication to opt-out of a class/session. Failure to submit the form prior to the last day of the current session/month may result in a non-refundable charge for class enrollment.
  • Verbal notice from a student or parent is not an acceptable form of notification to opt-out of a class. If a student stops coming to class without following the drop process, that student’s account will be charged for the following seven (7) week session. This charge will be for holding your child’s place in that class instead of providing that spot to one of the many on a waiting list.
  • Returned checks will be charged actual bank service fee (ranging from $15 to $45) + $10 for processing.


  • Students should arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class and stay with an adult until class begins.
  • Be on time for class! Missing the warm up may be a hazard.  Students who are late will be instructed to complete the necessary warm up before participation can take place and may have to miss out on certain activities if a warm up in the gym is not done.
  • Students and guests are not allowed in the gym area before/after class and must stay off of the equipment unless supervised by a coach.
  • Students may not chew gum or have food on the gym floor.
  • Enclosed water bottles (only) are allowed in the cubbies.
  • Students must be picked up no later than 5 minutes after their class time has ended. There will be one warning given and then a late pick-up fee of $10 will be applied for every 15 minutes past the grace period.
  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. GBGC may deny or terminate participation and reserves the right to remove a student or visitors from a class or the premises at any time at its sole discretion.
  • Parents are allowed in designated waiting area only. ONLY students and coaches are allowed on the gym floor.
  • Once class has started, parents/caregivers should refrain from contact with the student unless requested by a GBGC Staff member.
  • Students must be escorted in and out of the facility by an adult. Children can NOT be dropped off in the parking lot.  Students must wait inside of the building for their parent/caretaker to pick them up.
  • No curbside parking, please park in designated spaces only.
  • Please drive slowly and use extreme caution in our parking lot.
  • No horseplay at any time in the facility or on the grounds.
  • For students 5 and under, a responsible adult must stay in the observation area during class time.
  • If your child needs an epi-pen, inhaler, or other personal medical item, a parent should plan to stay for any classes up to 90 minutes in length and should hold the item for the child. For longer classes, inform the office, the supervisor and your child’s instructor regarding any medical information and items should be stored in our office in a container with the child’s name on them.  A parent should pick the items up at the end of the activity at GBGC.


  • Dress appropriately. Recreational gymnasts are allowed in a T-shirt tucked in to athletic shorts or pants.  For girls, leotards are preferred.  NO JEANS!
  • Bare feet are recommended. Footed tights are not allowed. Gymnastics slippers are allowed.
  • Nails should be trimmed to prevent the possibility of injury.
  • Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face so that is stays up for the entire workout. Bows or other large hair ornaments that may cause discomfort or injury during activity should be removed prior to activity.
  • Wear a headband to secure their glasses, if applicable. For contact lens wearers, solution and case should always be available.
  • Jewelry is NOT allowed. Rings, necklaces and large earrings should be removed prior to the start of class.  Do NOT bring valuables to class.
  • GBGC is not responsible for the loss of personal items.


  • The gym will be closed only in the case of extremely severe weather or a related condition (such as a power outage). Call into the gym’s voice mail at 810-694-3222 check the Grand Blanc Gymnastics Recreational, Pre-School and Special Events Facebook
  • Check the session calendar for any closings due to holidays or events. Gym scheduled closings will be pro-rated for the session based programs (recreational) but not for monthly programs (competitive).
  • Text @ggymnast to 81010 to receive free text alerts.  We will text for circumstances such as emergency, weather related and special event related closings.
  • Because of our strict student to teacher ratio, all make-ups/open workouts MUST be signed up for in advance and are based on space available. Missed classes do not guarantee makeup classes.
  • Students may make up missed classes during scheduled make-up class times or in any open class of the appropriate level. Make-ups are available only as scheduled and must be taken during the session of enrollment.


  • At the end of the session, the instructor will review various skills required, and each child will receive an evaluation of the skills he/she has obtained and those skills that still remain a challenge.
  • Read posted information in the entry area for events and class information and all notes passed out in class.
  • Parents are welcome to observe.


Current members will receive $10 off their next session’s tuition for each new member they refer.  New members must include the referring member’s name on the registration/release form in the section that asks “Where did you hear about GBGC?”


GBGC and individuals representing GBGC may submit articles, photographs, etc. to newspapers and media from time to time.  We may also make our gym and athletes available to various broadcast media as well.  The purpose for providing this information and access is to promote individual gymnasts, programs and teams. to provide the community with a better understanding of and promote the sport of gymnastics.  By enrolling, you are granting permission and approval for these submissions for all the students and families involved.


  • GBGC staff recognizes our obligation to make our students and parents aware of the risks and hazards associated with gymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling. Students may suffer injuries some minor, others serious or even catastrophic (such as paralysis or even death).  Any activity is inherently dangerous and could lead to injury.
  • Among the hazards and risks of the activities are the following: uneven surfaces; falls and abrupt possible contact with other persons, structures and objects (fixed and moveable); carelessness or misjudgment on the part of the participants and staff of GBGC including failing to follow proper procedures, instructions and policies and failure of structures and equipment.  These risks are inherent in the activities.  The description of these risks is not complete and other unknown or anticipated risks, inherent or otherwise, may be encountered.
  • Participants in the activities share the responsibility with staff for compliance with safety procedure and all rules and policies.
  • Parents must insist children follow the safety rules and coaches’ instruction.
  • Parents review all policies and discuss all risks with their children make them aware of the possibility of injury. By signing, the parent represents that the minor child understands and accepts them.
  • A completed registration/release form must be on file before a student is allowed to participate. Be prepared to complete the form with emergency contact, medical and insurance information.





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